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For Funerals please either contact the clergy or ask your Undertaker to speak to us for you if you prefer.

    • There is no charge for a funeral of anyone under 16 years old.
    • The fee for a church funeral is £228 and for a CofE service in the Crematorium is £199.
    • If you would like an organist then s/he will usually cost about £65 - £70


Baptisms can be booked after any Sunday morning service.

    • Baptism is FREE



    • The fees table is available below.

    • We only charge for heating and organist on top of these fees - if you require them.

    • The organist is usually £65-70 and the heating is at cost.


  Frequently Asked Questions


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Who can have a Church of England funeral?

Anyone at all.

What, anyone?

Absolutely, yes.

Even if the person who has died didn’t go to church?


Even if we don’t go to church?

Still yes.

I don’t know any hymns, can you help?

We can suggest some popular ones, or you don’t have to have hymns if you prefer. If you want a CD or digital music that’s fine.

I feel really sad. How long does grief last?

In some ways it never goes away, but it can often change over time. We’re here to pray with you and listen to you – we’re in it for the long haul with you.

Every November we have a service to remember out loved ones who have died, and people there are often remembering someone who died years ago.

I'm struggling with my grief. Is there any support out there?

We are here to listen, or if you prefer try contacting who are there to help too, and can signpost you to lots of different types of help. You are not alone, and if you are struggling do get help and support. Every grief is unique, just as every relationship is - but you are not alone.



I wanted a Christening, is it the same thing?

Yes, baptism and Christening are the same.

Did it say that it was free?

Yes, baptism is the outpouring of the grace of God – and so is absolutely free.

Do you do baptise on any other day apart from Sunday?

No. Baptism is a welcome into the family of God’s church, and so takes place when the church gathers.

Do we have to be baptised to get our child baptised?

No, but Godparents do need to be baptised.



Can anyone get married in church?

If you live in the parish or have a legal connection with the church (contact us to ask if you are unsure about this) then yes.

Does it matter if one of us has been divorced?

Unless your present relationship directly caused the breakup of your last marriage we will still marry you in this benefice.

What do we do next?

Church of England priests are legal registrars, so there are legal things to think about. Come and see us for Sunday service and we will talk you through every step of the process. Don’t worry if it seems a bit daunting – we are here to help.

And congratulations!!


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