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StC Welcome

Welcome to St Clement's Church

  • We are a welcoming, friendly church meeting to worship on Sundays and Tuesdays
  • We offer a place to remember God and share the joy of His love with others
  • With a wide variety of church activities and social events
  • We are in a united benefice with St George's Oakenrod
  • Working to become Dementia Friendly

1 Peter Chapter 3 verse 15 (NIV)

But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord.
Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.
But do this with gentleness and respect.


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St Clement's Mission Action Plan

StC Mission


Having a Mission Action Plan helps us to understand our role in the Church and the community and to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses and to find a realistic path as we seek to fulfil God’s calling to us.


  • to worship God
  • to be still and listen to God in prayer
  • to support each other and share fellowship
  • to support others
  • to pass on the Gospel baton
  • to maintain a Christian presence in Spotland


  • being a worshipping community
  • maintaining a parish identity
  • trying to keep a more eco-friendly church
  • fundraising (e.g., car park)
  • being welcoming (e.g. Afternoon Tea, opening the church early)
  • opening out
  • supporting charities (e.g., Foodbank, nominated charities)
  • being aware of our history


  • create opportunities for us to listen to God
  • Support people in their faith journey
  • develop links with the communities in our Parish
  • work with others to pursue peace and reconciliation
  • explore further opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint
  • develop Stewardship opportunities




  • Create opportunities for us to listen to God

To develop a Prayer group to meet during season of Christ the King

Develop the Side Altar as a focus for private prayer in church

Ministry Team


  • Support people in their faith journey

Extend opportunities for contact with people coming for baptisms e.g. emailing list, invite people back to various services through the year.

Investigate how we can develop the Font area to make it more of focal point

Continue to develop ourselves as a Dementia friendly church

ALM / Ministry Team


Ministry Team / PCC

  • Be willing to develop links with the communities in our Parish

Invitation cards to nearby housing estate to attend church services (i.e. Remembrance Sunday, Christingle Service)

Engage with Oulder Hill Community High School

Engagement with those struggling with social isolation

Celebrate special occasions (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries) particularly for the elderly, house bound

Engage with local farming community

Encourage mutual support with Rochdale AFC



Ministry team

Afternoon Tea people


Ministry Team

Martin Coupe
  • Be active in working with others to pursue peace and reconciliation

Explore more ways we can work with Rochdale Parish Church in supporting Asylum seekers in the area

Support Deanery Church Army project (if and when it happens)

Explore opportunity to twin with a Church in the Diocese of Lahore

Clergy / Congregation


Ministry Team

  • Be willing to explore how we can reduce our carbon footprint

Work on opportunities identified from our Eco Church audit of the church e.g. wildlife feeding stations, bird boxes, shrub planting


  • Develop our Stewardship Opportunuties
Carl Heaton / Carol Garside

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