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Hello friends, well here we are 2022 and things are gradually getting back to some form of normality.

News from St. Clements

A very happy and peaceful New Year to all at St. George’s from all here at St. Clement's. The Christmas coffee morning was our first real meeting since the start of the pandemic. It was nice to see people chatting and enjoying their time together. The Monday Nighters Christmas get together with a buffet and quiz was a really enjoyable evening. We start the new year with the uncertainty of what will happen when the decision has been made for St. Clements and St. George’s, we have to be optimistic. We trust this will be an agreeable arrangement to take both churches into the future.

Sylvia (P.C.C secretary)

News from St. George’s

Thanks to everyone who came and supported our Christmas Fair however they were able. We managed to raise over £1,000 for funds which are severely depleted after lockdown. We have managed to pay our Parish Share but it leaves our funds very low and the P.C.C. have had to dig into our reserves. During the coming year we MUST have fundraising events to help us recover or we will not be able to pay our Parish Share this year. The church has been extremely warm during the past few months due to a faulty thermostat. Although many have enjoyed the heat it hasn’t done the organ any good and the fuel bill for the last quarter was way over £3,000. We just cannot afford bills like this under the present circumstances, so please, instead of complaining that it is cold now that it has been sorted, please put on an extra sweater, a thicker coat, or both.

The Fellowship group will resume meeting on Monday, 7th March at 7.45pm when Gordon Emerson and a colleague from the Exchange Theatre, Manchester will entertain us with a few sketches. All are welcome. We had a record-breaking attendance at the Christmas meal at the Dog and Partridge, many thanks to Joan for doing all the arrangements, everyone enjoyed themselves.

There will be bacon butties after the service next Sunday, 13th February. The following one will be on Sunday 24t April when we celebrate St. George’s Day.

As I earlier stated fund raising events are to be arranged, so here are some dates for your diary

13th February - Bacon butties after church

26th March - Beetle drive with potato pie supper

23rd April - St. George’s Day Afternoon Tea 

24th April - Bacon butties after church

8th May - APCM   after church

2nd June - Jubilee Street Party

18th - June BBQ

9th July -Garden Party

There may be more dates to come but please try and make as many of these fund-raising events as possible. WE REALLY NEED YOU HELP.







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Sorry, this is 3 weeks late but I have been waiting in order to give you any news about our vacancy, but at this moment all I am permitted to say is that Manchester Diocese's decision should be with us very soon. Sorry about that.

News from Sylvia at St. Clements

The alarm system inside church has been upgraded using the existing wiring. The old one was approx. 20 years old and some of the Church rooms did not have sensors.

We are happy to welcome back the Friday night Bridge Club. Also, welcome back to the Monday Nightery each month. It feels so nice to meet again and catch up with people. Our PCC meeting on Wednesday 22nd September was to update on different subjects of church life. Hopefully we can arrange forthcoming Morning coffees etc. Obviously, in a safe environment so people will remain confident.

From St. George’s

Thanks to everyone who came along to our bacon butties and prosecco after church on 3rd. October. Every comment I got was positive and I was asked if we could do it again. I talked it over with Sue and then I put it to the PCC. We decided to do bacon butties (sorry no prosecco!!! as the first was a special occasion to welcome everyone back) after church every alternate month. So, the next will be on Sunday 5th December. We will do as before and put the jar out for donations. After the first £45 was added to church funds so thank you everyone for your support.

It was decided at the PCC meeting on 19th to return to our full service on 24th. Responses will be said, not sung, for the time being. Communion will still be taken at the bottom of the steps; this is to prevent congestion at the altar rail and avoiding close passing to and from the altar. The PCC thinks this is the safest option at the present time. Service and hymn books will be on the cupboard, please pick up one of each and return at the end of the service. As there are 7 days between each service it is quite safe.

Unfortunately, our treasurer has given notice that he is finishing at the end of the year so we are desperately wanting his replacement. Please, please can anyone help????? It is a key position in our church as our bills (really do) have to be paid. Please see myself or Jennifer if you are able to help, we really are desperate. Thank you in anticipation. We also need a banker who is able to bank any money in the safe. For security reasons this cannot be the treasurer.

The Christmas Fair will be here before we know it. Please will everyone consider donating gifts for the tombola and the Christmas Hamper Raffle. Please ensure that donations for the tombola are unused and that the sell by date is current. If everyone brings one item a week it would be great, they can be left in the baptistery or given to myself or Jennifer. We will also want home-baked cakes but of course not before the day. Any problems please speak to your wardens. If anyone would like to help on a stall (who has not yet been asked) please contact Beryl or myself. The Christmas Fair is a major fundraising event on the calendar and funds are severely depleted after covid so please do all you can to help our church.

The fellowship will be starting again in the new year but before that Joan has arranged a Christmas Lunch at the Elephant and Castle on Thursday 9th December so, please contact her if you wish to attend.

Diary dates  

October 31st All Souls     4.30pm

November 27th Christmas Fair

December 5th Bacon Butties after church

December 9th Fellowship lunch

December 11th Retirement Choir concert

December 19th Carol Service 4.30pm there will be a collection for the Children’s Society at the service.

Well, I think that is all. When we get any news about the vacancy I will publish another newsletter, if non arrives there will be one before Christmas. Many thanks to everyone from myself and Jennifer.





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