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Well here we are at the beginning of July and still in lockdown!!!

As I look out of the window it is raining but the gardens do need the water. We are promised that things will “get better" by the end of the month.

Karen officially left us at the beginning of June and was licensed as our Area Dean at the Cathedral on June 6th. Please pray for our PCCs as we work on our parishes profiles ready to submit to church house. Goodness knows how long it will be before we are able to have a new priest but we know that things will not be the same and we will have to share with at least one other church. Unfortunately, numbers attending services have dwindled over the last 10 years and combined numbers are no longer enough to warrant a full-time priest.

A note from Sylvia at St Clements

Firstly, may we wish Karen our best blessings and prayers on her new journey as Rochdale's new Area Dean.

Great minds think alike! St Clements congregation also bought Karen a Sheila Fleet voucher, also prosecco, whisky and flowers – didn’t she do well.

The stain glass East window has now been renovated and replaced in church. The windows look so lovely and the colours have been enhanced.

We are now in Interregnum, and the future is uncertain for both churches. However, we must be positive in the future. What will be will be!! Hopefully, better days are coming. Coffee after services soon. Wow!!

As Sylvia says in her note we will soon be able to have Coffee after church. In fact, we could have had coffee for the last few weeks but we wouldn’t have been able to stand/ sit together and chat. It just wouldn’t have been the same so we decided to leave it until things are back to near normal. As soon as we are able I intend to arrange a get together so we can all meet and catch up.

Sylvia is doing several services for us and we have managed to arrange cover up to advent for those she is not covering. We must not overwork her!!! Many thanks Sylvia for all you are doing, without your things would be a lot more difficult.

If you have any items for the August letter please send it before 24th July.


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